Building a community
for renters.

Homemigo is a property directory made for tenants. We are building a community driven website to empower your experience when renting. Homemigo is the home to start your renting journey.

Households live in the Private Rental Sector.
Households live in the Social Rental Sector.
2 in 5
Households are renters just like you.

It started off as idea.

Working in the property industry, we discovered that your experience when renting did not matter. We challenged ourselves to better your property experience by providing you with the knowledge and support, whilst saving you time and money when renting. we’re here

We are building Homemigo to better your renting experience by empowering your home with a support system that you need. We have built tools to help you save time and partnered with friends to save you money.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Ambitious & Achievable

Reaching for the stars as we build a tenants community to better your renting experience.

2. Renters, first.

With every decision we make and every action that we take, we put renters first.

3. Save time and money

From saving you time with our resources to you saving money with our partnership deals.

4. Our goal

Homemigo aim to grow to become the UK's largest renters community. A home for tenants.

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