Rent Arrears

Our friends at OnlyMyShare guarantee that if you house mate does not pay their rent, OnlyMyShare will protect you if your landlord pursues any rent arrears.
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Is your landlord pursuing you for rent? House share and rent in confidence if your housemate does not pay.
Rent Guarantee Service for sharers.
Only £99 for a whole year.
Stay protected if your housemates fail to pay rent.
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What Are Rent Arrears?

Rent arrears is a term used to describe the outstanding money owed to a private landlord, housing association or local authority. If you do not pay your rent – a priority debt – on time, you risk eviction from your property.

Why do I need Rent Arrears Protection?

For most people, rent is the highest expenditure. Not keeping up with payments can have consequences many do not consider when signing up to a contract.

If a tenant has rent arrears protection, they will never be held responsible for someone else not paying their rent. In the situation where a landlord pursues you for rent owed by another individual, rent arrears protection firms can step in.

How Does It Work?

If you do not pay your rent & are in debt this is called “rent arrear’s”. This can be frustrating when you’re sharing a home & are responsible for others paying their rent.

Therefore, rent arrears protection is important. With this protection plan you can ensure that only you are responsible for the rent you are entitled to pay.

What’s it for?

  • Renting with friends
    There’s lots of great things about living with your friends, but missed rent payments isn’t one of them. With OnlyMyShare, there’s no need to risk your budget, or your friendship.
  • Renting with strangers
    OnlyMyShare give you an extra layer of protection when renting with someone you don’t know. No more awkward financial conversations.
  • Finding a guarantor
    Being a guarantor comes with its own risks, so finding one becomes easier when they have the reassurance of our rent guarantee.
  • Protect your guarantor
    When using their service, not only are you protected, but your guarantor is too. They no longer have to worry about covering for someone else and can even purchase directly from them if they wish.
  • Understanding your contract
    If you and your housemates are all bound by joint and several liability, you can all be held liable for missed rent. Their rent guarantee service gives you protection against this liability.
  • Relaxing in your new home
    Never stress about covering someone else’s missed payments again. We’ll cover it, so you can focus on what’s more important.


How does Only My Share help guarantors?

If you’re a guarantor, OnlyMyShare ensure you’re never responsible for anyone other than your charge. You won’t be pursued for rent owed by any other housemate.

What happens if another tenant doesn’t pay?

If your housemate doesn’t pay their share and you miss a payment, your landlord will get in contact. When this happens, you need to submit a claim. From here, they will step in, cover the rent, and contact with the tenant who still owes their share.

Is it really just £99?

Yes! For £99 you’ll receive a full year of protection. No hidden costs, even when you claim.

Do you have housemates?

Stay protected and only be responsible for your share of the rent.
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A guarantee service used by renters, guarantors, parents and landlords seeking a missed rent guarantee.

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