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Our friends at HousingHand are the largest and award-winning provider of a rent guarantor services in the UK and can guarantee the rent for students and professionals.
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It is now possible to get a UK rental guarantor without asking friends and families.
From as little as £48 a month
Available for students and working professionals
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What Is A Rental Guarantor?

A guarantor agrees to take joint responsibility for the rent of the property if the tenant fails to do so. If a tenant does not pay the landlord what they owe then, the guarantor is responsible for the outstanding amount owed.

Your landlord might want to check your guarantor’s eligibility to pay the rent through a credit check.

Why Do I Need A Rental Guarantor?

Having a rental guarantor provides a landlord with more confidence, security & reassurance that the rent will be paid.

If an emergency were to happen & the tenant could not pay their rent for that month, the guarantor can help a tenant out & the landlord won’t be left out of pocket.

A tenant referencing process will take place to determine whether a tenant needs a guarantor.

How It Works

  • Find your new home
    If you opt to use their House Finder Service. All properties listed on their website have already accepted Housing Hand as a guarantor, so there is no room for uncertainty.
  • Get your guarantor approval
    They try their absolute best to make every guarantor application as quick, easy, and pain-free as possible.
    If you’d like to know a bit more about the process, we have included some common questions.
  • Move In!
    Once you’ve been approved, you can choose how you want to pay. No matter your financial situation, They’ll make sure there’s an affordable option for you.

What Do You Need?

You’ll find the main requirements listed below, but they will also email you a full checklist of everything you need to get approved as quickly as possible.

For students:

  • Proof of study - a university transcript, UCAS form, or student ID
  • Proof of ID - a passport, driving licence, or national ID document
  • Co-signer details - this can be a friend or family member, but they can’t be a current Housing Hand customer

For professionals:

  • Proof of income - payslips or bank statements showing your income for the previous 3 months
  • Proof of ID - a passport, driving licence, or national ID document
  • Co-signer details - this can be a friend or family member, but they can’t be a current Housing Hand customer


How much does a Rental Guarantor cost?

They aim to be as affordable as possible, so anyone who needs a guarantor can access their rent guarantor scheme. That’s why their service takes into account the cost of your rent and your financial circumstances when calculating how much you’ll be charged.

You can also choose between making a single upfront payment, or splitting the cost across 8 months from just £42/month. No matter your budget, they have a solution for you.

What do I need?

You’ll need some ID, proof of address, and your co-signer’s details. If you’re a student you’ll need some proof of study and if you’re a professional you’ll need proof of your income.

How long will my application take?
Once you’ve submitted all the required documents, they will contact your letting agent. From there, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to be approved.

Will I be accepted?

You will need to provide them with all the required documents, including proof of study if you’re a student, and proof you’re earning 1.5x your rent amount if you’re a professional.
They accept nearly all applicants who are able to submit these documents.

What is a co-signer?

As part of your application with HousingHand, you’ll need to provide the details of a co-signer. This can be any friend or family member, but can’t be a current HousingHand customer. If they are over the age of 18 and employed, they’ll likely be accepted. They won’t need to check their, or your, credit score.

Need a UK rental guarantor?

Available for students and working professionals.
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Letting agents and landlords still require a 100% guarantee on a tenants rent, and services like Housing Hand are able to pay 100% of all valid claims

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