Tenants Liability Insurance

Our friends at Urban Jungle cover your responsibilities as a tenant. Protect your landlords property and your responsibility against any damage (including accidental).
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More than two million privately rented households in the UK have no insurance policy on their home.
Only £55 per year & £100 excess
Landlord's furniture and fixtures covered
Covers anyone on the same tenancy agreement
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What is Tenants Liability Insurance, and how does it work?

Tenants Liability Insurance protects tenants who are currently renting a home. It protects you in the event of unintended harm to things in the property that belongs to or are issued by your landlord. This requires coverage for the landlord's existing furniture, fixtures, and fittings in the rental property.

Why do I need Tenant’s liability insurance?

It is your duty as a tenant to keep your home in reasonable condition and to use it in a “tenant-like” manner. This ensures that if you harm the house or any of your landlord's belongings, you'll have to pay for it, or the expense will be withheld from your security deposit at the end of your tenancy.

Tenants' liability insurance will help cover the costs of any unintended harm to your landlord's assets or possessions for which you're responsible under your tenancy agreement, eg

  • Fittings and fixtures
  • Furnishings
  • White appliances and goods
  • Soft furnishings and carpets

TIP: Check your agreement terms of service if you have rental content insurance. Some insurance companies offer tenants' liability coverage as normal, so you might already be insured.

Is Tenants Liability Insurance required by law in the UK?

Tenants liability insurance is not a legal requirement but if you unintentionally harm your landlord's belongings, you should have enough money to repair them. However, if you don't have enough money and don't want to risk having the cost of repairs deducted from your deposit, Tenancy Liability Insurance is worth considering.

What's the difference between contents and liability insurance for tenants?

The key distinction is that contents insurance covers your personal property. It won't cover any harm to your landlord's belongings if it doesn't contain tenants' liability.Your deposit will not be affected if you harm your own belongings. Damage to your landlord's property can trigger issues when it comes time to get your deposit back at the end of your rental. This is where a tenant's liability insurance policy could come in handy.

Help protect your deposit.

Protect your deposit from any accidental damage to your landlord’s fixtures, fittings or furniture.
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Nationwide’s survey of more than 1,000 tenants reveals close to a fifth (19%) of renters mistakenly believe that it is the landlord’s responsibility to arrange contents insurance, while many others put off arranging cover as a way of reducing their monthly outgoings.

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